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Repetitive Shock Vibration Table

Repetitive Shock Vibration tables generate multi-axis vibration using one or more pneumatic impact hammer(s) (also known as impactors) that strike a the top of a vibration table on which a product is attached. Thermotron’s repetitive shock vibration test systems are designed specifically for very aggressive temperature change rates and high levels of multi-axis repetitive shock vibration. Repetitive shock shaker tables can be used as stand-alone units or combined with an AGREE or AST chamber for HALT/HASS testing.

The repetitive shock vibration system incorporates many unique features designed to satisfy a wide range of vibration testing and screening applications for many industries. The basic system utilizes a multi-axis repetitive shock shaker, interconnected with a vibration controller console, which provides the control and monitoring for complete system operation including independent impactor control.

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