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Thermotron manufacturers a variety of specialty environmental chambers to accommodate specific, unique, and custom types of testing for a variety of industries including cytogenetics, battery, and solar.

CDS-5 - Cytogenetic Drying Chamber

Thermotron’s Cytogenetic Drying Chamber (CDS-5) is an environmental chamber developed for ideal chromosome spreading conditions. It has patents for both its function and ergonomic design.

Automated Corrosion Test Chamber

This Automated Corrosion Test Chamber combines the features of a temperature humidity chamber with a salt spray chamber to provide a solution in corrosion testing and salt spray testing all in one test chamber.

Moisture & Rain Test Chamber

Thermotron's Moisture & Rain Test Chamber is designed to simulate a soaking, rainy environment. These Rain Test Chambers test the water-resistance of sealed components and other products, by allowing the user to conduct a water spray test.

Refrigeration Training Chamber

Created specifically for vocational programs, the Refrigeration Training Chamber allows students to build fully operational refrigeration and heating systems. Instructors can induce failures so students can troubleshoot problems.

Sand and Dust Chamber

Sand and dust can be detrimental to product operation. Thermotron’s Sand and Dust Climatic Chamber was developed to test a product’s resistance to extremely sandy and dusty desert-like environments.

Remote Conditioners

Thermotron’s has several Remote Conditioning solutions to provide a useful approach for testing large, awkwardly-shaped or hard-to-reach products.

Custom Environmental Test Chamber

Have a unique testing specification or odd-shaped product that will not fit in your current climate chamber? Thermotron can help. We design and manufacturer custom environmental chamber solutions to meet your specific environmental testing needs.

Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Chamber

Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Systems are designed to meet a range of ESS testing applications. ESS Systems consist of a test chamber, controller, product fixture, interconnect and wiring, and a functional tester, everything you need for ESS testing.

Battery Test Chamber

Thermotron's Battery Test Chambers are designed to test all types of batteries, including lithium-ion batteries. Battery test chambers have numerous safety features built in to the test chamber to deal with battery testing and to prevent safety incidents.

Solar Panel Environmental Chamber

Specifically designed for the solar industry, these solar climatic chambers feature specifically designed fixtures to properly measure almost any component related to solar panels including the actual panels, grid-tied photovoltaic inverters, or photovoltaic cells and modules. The solar environmental chambersprovide both temperature testing and humidity testing capabilities to ensure that solar panels can withstand environments stresses.