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The more test data you have for your product the better. Sometimes the product monitoring required exceeds the capability of the equipment’s controller. Enter Thermotron’s TestTools, which are instruments that can help with product stimulations and monitoring while undergoing environmental or vibration tests. Each instrument board is loaded into a chassis and then installed into a tester where it is connected via Ethernet to a computer workstation or laptop. Instruments can be installed in multi-slot chassis for high channel count testers.


Each instrument above has Ethernet-based communication with built-in web pages for configuration and basic signal generation and monitoring. A software API is available for custom applications. For those who want enhanced testing capabilities but don’t want to program themselves, Thermotron offers TestTRAK® software, which is configuration-based so profiles can be created with our built-in editors and then “run” within the software to accomplish sophisticated testing without programming. Thermotron can help with custom software and hardware to create turnkey testers with complete report generation.

AVIO Instrument

The AVIO (Analog Voltage Input/Output) instrument has the functionality to operate as a DVM, oscilloscope, and signal generator. 16 channels for configuration as input or output, on-board memory, high speed feedback loop protects I/O from damaging electrical transients.

AVI Instrument

The AVI (Analog Voltage Input) instrument has the functionality to operate as a multi-channel high-speed voltage monitor/logger. It is an intelligent instrument which uses its own onboard processor to monitor voltages and compare them to high and low limits.

CAN/LIN Instrument

Each 5-channel CAN and 5-channel LIN can be independently controlled for simultaneous operation. It is an intelligent instrument which uses its own on-board processor to send/receive/compare Controller Area Network (CAN) and Local Interconnect Network (LIN) messages.