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Thermal shock testing subjects a product to alternating extremes of high and low temperatures in order to observe changes in the product’s characteristics and failure occurrences caused by different materials and thermal expansion.

Thermotron's thermal shock chambers and thermal stress chambers are designed to operate in accordance with reliability programs, quality control, commercial test programs, and military test standards.

Automated Thermal Stress System

Thermotron’s Automated Thermal Stress Systems (ATSS) are versatile test chambers designed to accelerate thermal stress testing and thermal cycling tests. ATSS chambers meet the latest thermal shock testing specifications and methods and facilitate rapid product temperature change rate performance in a space-saving, self-contained design.

Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermotron thermal shock chambers meet a variety of testing needs and come in three configurations: vertical, horizontal, and double duty. A product transfer mechanism automatically transfers products under test from zone-to-zone programmed in the controller.