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Complimentary Product Testing at Thermotron

Test your product in Holland, Michigan with Thermotron's AST-35 HALT chamber.

Thermotron’s Kollen Park facility in Holland, Michigan has a fully set-up and functioning AST-35 HALT HASS Chamber available to customers for complimentary product and reliability testing. While use of the system is free, customers are responsible for conducting and monitoring tests and paying for LN2 usage.

The AST-35 HALT HASS Chamber is specifically designed for HALT Testing (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS Testing (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening). As the name implies, HALT and HASS are both highly accelerated forms of stimulation testing, meaning that you can find product failures more quickly than with conventional forms of environmental testing. With a temperature range of -100°C to 200°C, temperature change rate of greater than 70°C/minute on product, load capacity of 628 lbs., and a bare table acceleration level of 50 Grms, the AST-35 is designed to force product failures fast. So, instead of taking days or weeks to find potential defects you can find defects in a matter hours doing HALT HASS Testing with a Thermotron AST Chamber.

Benefits of HALT HASS

The benefits of performing HALT testing are endless. For starters, HALT can help reduce the time and money spent on R&D, increase product quality and reliability, and reduce recall and warranty risks. Investments in HALT & HASS increase long term profits due to higher customer satisfaction (and therefore repeat customers), improve company brand and reputation, increase market share, and reduce field failures. Why would you want to consider using our AST-35 HALT HASS Chamber in Holland, Michigan:

• To perform benchmarking or comparison tests to substantiate product performance claims
• To quickly aid in product failure identification modes
• Find potential defects in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks
• Quickly find out how well your new product design holds up under HALT HASS Tests
• Perform comparisons between HALT HASS and other test methods to determine the right test for your product
• Give you an opportunity to meet and develop reliability test specifications
• Satisfy your curiosity and prove the skeptics wrong with a conclusive test of confidence 
• Provide valuable hands-on experience of using a HALT HASS Chamber 
• Familiarize yourself with a HALT HASS Chamber prior to making your next purchase

Schedule a HALT visit with Thermotron 

Interested in visiting Thermotron and using the AST-35 to test your product? Fill out the form to contact your sales representative to make arrangements. We’d love to have you test your products on our equipment. A few things to remember:  This is a complimentary service – all you need to pay for is LN2 usage.  Customers are responsible for setting up, running, and monitoring the tests on their products.

System Specifications

Below are the basic specifications for the Thermotron AST-35 chamber. For more information on the equipment, download the product brochure.

AST-35 HALT HASS Chamber
• Workspace Dimensions – 42 x 42 x 40 inches
• Temperature Range - -100°C to 200°C
• Temperature Change Rate - >70°C/minute on product

RSL-36 Repetitive Shock Vibration Table
• Table Size –36 x 36 inches
• Number of Impactors – 9
• Maximum Payload Capability – 628 lbs. , 284 kg
• Grid Pattern: 4x 4 inches
• Axes Excited: 3 linear, 3 rotational

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