Use your analytical skills and marketing experience to support our global sales teams with the ever-changing trends in industry and technology.  Supply “real world” data to take our sales efforts to the next level.

We are the Leading manufacturer of custom engineered test systems used by some of the most leading edge technology companies around the world.


    • Compile and report market segment performance, important customer data and competitors’ activities and compare these results with historical performance.
    • Gather and evaluate data from a wide variety of sources to identify new sales and market segment opportunities and compare expected results with current performance.
    • Make sure sales people are targeting prospects that offer Thermotron growth opportunities and positive sales trends.
    • Develop sales forecast for existing and new sales territories based upon results of research. Recommend potential new territories and/or territory boundary changes to improve coverage. May also recommend specific sales goals and action plans within specific territories to improve performance.
    • Develop and maintain a library of competitive intelligence to be used as a resource for making market-driven decisions and to help train sales people to more effectively sell against competition.
    • Assist International Sales Managers to implement and track a targeting effort designed to help sell key customers and canvass prospects for new customer business.
    • Monitor performance of product lines, report changes, trends and opportunities.
  • Develop and maintain a tracking system that documents the source of inquiries generated and how each inquiry relates to quotes and orders.
  • Conduct special projects and research in support of sales, such as, customer and competitor surveys.
  • Travel to remote field locations to participate in research efforts, sales blitzes and training meetings.




Thermotron is an Equal Opportunity Employer for all protected categories under applicable law

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