The Product Test Solutions group of Thermotron Industries is proud to offer the Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) test system as an all-in-one, turn-key system for analyzing circuit board failures. Used as an industry-wide standard for assessing potential board assembly failures due to corrosion and other problems with ionic contamination, Thermotron’s SIR test system uses a highly accurate and reliable design to measure up to 256 test coupons on standard test circuit boards. The Thermotron SIR test system has the capacity to test from 8-24 test sites. Other configurations are also available.

Thermotron’s SIR uses solid-state switching instead of reed relays, eliminating leakage and enhancing reliability of the test systems. The system is capable of measuring 1 megaohm to 100 million megaohm resistance with accuracy. Because every input has its own individual test circuit, test voltages are able to be applied to all test sites in parallel allowing for significantly reduced test times. Another great fixture of Thermotron’s SIR test system is all test programming is menu driven with user-friendly prompts. The prompts show test status, test values and bias, soak and test intervals in real time. The control system provides storage of up to 12 different test procedures in nonvolatile memory, recallable at the push of a button and a pass/fail display allowing the operator to read test results at a glance. The microprocessor control makes the Thermotron SIR test system easy-to-use and highly accurate.

In addition to being programmable and able to handle any test pattern including IPC B24, B25, B36, comb Y and circular patterns, the SIR test system meets or exceeds the requirements for various industry standards:

  • ANSI/J-STD 001-006
  • IPC-TM 650
  • IPC-SM 840
  • IPC-S-815 CL III
  • MIL-F-14256D
  • BELLCORE TR-NWT-000078
  • ASTM D-257
  • HP EL-EL861-00

The SIR test system provides you with the convenience of a single supplier and the reliability you have come to expect from the Thermotron name.