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8800 Chamber Data Acquisition (DAQ)

The 8800 Data Acquisition (DAQ) system for an environmental chamber increases the capabilities and value of an SE-Series Environmental Chamber by providing product monitoring and control without the need for additional software and test equipment.The Data Acquisition connection panel uses pluggable screw terminal connections for quick and easy analog and digital wiring. Standard jacks and included thermocouples provide easy set up for temperature monitoring. The digital outputs are capable of manual or programmed profiles that activate product inputs or relays, allowing a product to be turned on/off based on interval, chamber data, or status information such as environmental chamber operating mode, temperature or humidity level. The analog outputs can activate a programmable power supply, product input, or retransmit temperature/humidity process to a chart recorder. The DAQ is available in two tiers:

Tier 1

Analog output channels: 2
Analog output range: 0 - 10 V
Analog output resolution: 13 bit
Analog output current drive: 50 mA
Digital output channels: 3
Digital output logic levels: TTL
Digital output current drive: 50mA

Tier 2

Thermotron offers expanded capabilities with the 8800 DAQ Tier 2. Additional channels to monitor and control analog and digital inputs/outputs and thermocouples are available. There are four options for this tier: Data Acquisition Level, 8 Thermocouple Level, 16 Thermocouple Level, and combination Data Acquisition/ 8 Thermocouple Option.

Analog input channels: 8
Analog input range: ±10 V single-ended
Analog input resolution: 11 bit
Analog output channels: 2
Analog output range: 0 - 5 V
Analog output resolution: 12 bit
Analog output current drive: 5 mA/ch
Digital output channels: 12
Digital output logic levels: TTL
Digital output current drive: 8.5mA/ch

Thermocouple channels: 8 or 16
Thermocouple type: "T"
Thermocouple range: -200°C to +600°C (-328°F to 1,112°F)
Thermocouple resolution: 24 bit

DAQ and the 8800 Controller

The Windows® look and feel provides support to familiar and robust environmental chamber operations. The new DAQ tab on the 8800 touchscreen controller offers simple setup of the desired channels for environmental chamber testing. Touching any input will activate the Setup Wizard allowing for configuring units, resolution, averaging factor, low and high limits and notes. The Wizard provides easy step-by-step instructions on channel configuration. Digital readouts show the status of currently active channel conditions.