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Below are some common questions we receive. If you need help troubleshooting or need parts please fill out the respective forms.We’re here for you!


Service Questions

Does Thermotron provide on-site services for my Thermotron equipment?

Yes, Thermotron has Field Service Engineers located across the United States and in the U.K.  that provide full on-site services when requested.


Does Thermotron install new controllers on older chambers and shakers?

Yes, Thermotron can retrofit new controllers onto all chambers and shakers we have produced.


My Walk-In cabinet is showing its age, but the mechanical components are fine. Can the cabinet be refurbished?

Yes, Thermotron Field Service Engineers can do a field retrofit, removing the old cabinet and installing a new one. The chamber’s existing mechanical components can still be used.


Does Thermotron offer Preventive Maintenance Agreements?

Yes, we offer Preventive Maintenance and A2LA Calibration Agreements. During preventive maintenance visits, the Field Service Engineer will check the entire chamber/shaker system to ensure it is operating as well as it did when it left our factory. Possible service issues can be identified and corrected in a scheduled manner, preventing costly unscheduled down time.


I need to relocate some equipment. Can Thermotron assist?

Yes, please contact us with your specific request and we will supply the quotes you need to help relocate the equipment in question.


Does Thermotron provide training for their customer’s maintenance employees?

Yes, Thermotron presents an annual Service Seminar every May in Holland, Michigan. Customers can sign up for either chamber training or shaker training. Please see our Service Seminar tab for information about our next Seminar. We hope to see you there!


What connections are my company responsible for when the new chamber/shaker arrives, or after we have relocated the equipment?

Customers are responsible for all utilities (electrical power, condenser water, humidity water, compressed air, LN2, condensate drains, etc.). Some equipment may require additional connections. Shakers will possibly require some vacuum ductwork to be installed. Consult your specific manual for complete requirements.


I am having a Walk-In panel chamber installed soon. What do I need to do to prepare for this?

Walk-In panel cabinets need to be installed on an extremely level floor. A slope of 1/8” per 10’ distance, or better, is required. The cabinet panels should be staged nearby in order to facilitate quick assembly.


Is there anything I need to position/place regarding my new chamber prior to having a Thermotron FSE arrive on site?

Large items need to be in position prior to our arrival. These items can include remote air cooled condensers, machinery sections, shakers, etc. Walk-In panels should be positioned in a staging area near the final cabinet location to facilitate efficient assembly.

Chamber Specific Questions

What is my chamber’s water-cooled condenser water requirement?

Generally, the specification is 30 PSIG minimum pressure difference between the chamber’s water supply inlet and outlet. The water supplied should be 85°F or less. Please consult your specific chamber manual for exact specifications. If a water-cooled chamber is experiencing high-stage high-discharge pressures, check the water pressure difference as measured at the chamber while it is running (a flow meter is not adequate). Also, check the inlet water temperature. During installation, be certain to plumb equal diameter pipe, as compared to the chamber’s water inlet and outlet fittings, to the building’s water system. Downsizing will potentially lead to operational issues.


What are my chamber’s humidity water requirements?

Water can have its dissolved mineral content reduced by several methods; i.e., reverse osmosis, distillation, or de-ionization. No matter which method is utilized, the humidity water supplied to the chamber needs to be within 50,000 ohm-cm and 2 mega ohm-cm. Water outside of this range can prevent long term reliability of the humidity system in a chamber. Some chambers can utilize water as pure as 3 megaohm-cm. Refer to your chamber’s manual for its specific requirement.


I have a small self-contained air-cooled chamber. How much heat load can I expect it to add to my lab’s air conditioning system?

Unfortunately, there is not a specific value that can be noted here due to differences in chamber design, chamber setpoints, ramp rates as set by the user, etc. However, as a general rule of thumb, an air-cooled cascade system can dissipate approximately 12,000 BTU/hour per compressor horsepower of the high stage system. An air cooled single stage system can dissipate approximately 15,000 BTU/hour per compressor horsepower.


How often should I need to adjust my chamber’s tuning parameters?

This typically never needs to be done, unless the product load has changed dramatically. Once a chamber is tuned for optimum control, the chamber should be able to utilize these values for its lifespan.


How often should I calibrate my chamber?

Calibration cycles are determined by the end-user. Thermotron offers a Preventive Maintenance and Calibration Agreement that includes A2LA calibration once per year, which satisfies most users’ needs.


My LN2 refrigerated chamber is not cooling well. What should I check?

The LN2 supplied to the chamber should be 95% LN2/5% GN2 or better in order for the chamber to perform as designed. This can necessitate vacuum jacketed LN2 supply lines plumbed to the chamber’s LN2 inlet, as well as the inclusion of a “keep-fill” valve installed on the LN2 supply line very near to the chamber’s LN2 inlet. Consult with your local cryogenic company regarding these components.


Vibration Specific Questions

My shaker runs well bare table (no fixture or product loaded on the armature). It does not run as well when a product is added. What might be the problem?

Many times, the fixture itself or the product mounting method to the fixture is determined to be the issue. Also, accelerometer mounting can be critical. Please consult with us for assistance in this regard (see below).


I own an Electrodynamic shaker or Repetitive Shock Shaker manufactured by Thermotron, What kinds of services are available for these types of equipment in my facility?

We offer complete services that are similar to our chamber services, including controller retrofits, Preventive Maintenance and Calibration Agreements, and general repair services. Due to the sophisticated nature of the equipment, please contact us at with your specific questions regarding your shaker.

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