Made in USA

Thermotron Manufacturers all their products in the Untied States of America

Thermotron’s roots span deep into West Michigan. What started out as one small manufacturing shop in 1962, has transformed into three large buildings hosting our employees. Thermotron’s strength comes from a highly talented workforce applying their knowledge, skills, and raw materials to build exceptional products.

Thermotron’s environmental chambers, vibration shakers, and other testing equipment are designed and engineered in-house. By having our engineering team work closely with our manufacturing team, we are able to provide superior quality control. Just as important, our in-house efforts allow us to quickly tackle issues, making any adjustments or modifications as needed.

Many of our suppliers are from the United States and Canada. In fact, up to 90% of our parts and components come from North America. Some suppliers have off-shored and since decided to re-shore to keep a closer watch on quality control. We enjoy working closely with suppliers that are helping their local communities provide stable jobs, economic growth, and quality components.

Thermotron is proud to provide hundreds of jobs in West Michigan. All of Thermotron’s administration, engineering, manufacturing, human resources, marketing, finance, and customer service is based in our three Holland, Michigan, locations. Additionally, our direct sales and service field engineers are located across the United States and Canada. Our sales and service representatives serve Thermotron customers worldwide.

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