Thermotron Electronics

Thermotron controllers are specially designed in-house by Thermotron software and hardware engineers specifically to maximize the performance and efficiency of your Thermotron environmental test chamber.

8800 Controller

8800 Controller | Demo Available

Thermotron’s 8800 Controller is designed and engineered to run our SE, Altitude, AGREE, and Walk-in chambers, along with custom-designed systems. With a 12” color touchscreen display and familiar …

8200+ Controller | Demo Available-0

8200+ Controller | Demo Available

The 8200+ Controller is designed specifically for all S/SM chambers, including benchtops, as well as our CDS-5 series. The 8200+ Controller, featuring a color touchscreen display, makes program entry …

WINVCSII Combined System Controller

WinVCSII Controller (plus 8800 combined system controller) | Demo Available

The WinVCSII Controller is designed specifically for use with Thermotron electrodynamic shakers and vibration test systems. The software offers a full range of application capabilities for vibration c…

AST-8800 Controller | Demo Available-0

AST-8800 Controller | Demo Available

The AST-8800 Controller for HALT HASS Chambers is specifically designed for extreme change rate chambers and repetitive shock vibration systems. The user interface displays power spectral density, tem…

8825 Controller

8825 Controller | Demo Available

Standard on Thermal Shock Chambers, the 8825 Controller makes operation and data collection easier and more reliable than ever before. Featuring a brilliant 12-inch color touchscreen display and a fam…

AVI Instrument-0

AVI Instrument

The AVI (Analog Voltage Input) instrument has the functionality to operate as a multi-channel high-speed voltage monitor/logger. It is an intelligent instrument which uses its own onboard processor to…

AVIO Instrument-0

AVIO Instrument

The AVIO (Analog Voltage Input/Output) instrument has the functionality to operate as a DVM, oscilloscope, and signal generator. 16 channels for configuration as input or output, on-board memory, high…

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