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Machine Builder / Cabinet Fabrication (1st Shift)

Location: Holland, MI

Sheet Metal Fabrication (2nd shift)

Location: Holland, MI

Machine Builder / Refrigeration & HVAC Assembly (1st Shift)

Location: Holland, MI

Refrigeration Assembly (1st Shift)

Location: Holland, MI

Electrical Panel Assembly (1st Shift)

Location: Holland, MI

Electronic Tester (1st Shift)

Location: Holland, MI

Equipment Shipper (1st Shift)

Location: Holland, MI

Sales & Marketing

Technical Sales Phoenix, AZ

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Technical Sales Boston, MA

Location: Boston, MA


Field Service

Field Service hvac Southampton, UK


Field Service hvac Raleigh, NC

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Field Service hvac Seattle, WA

Location: Seattle, Washington

Field Service hvac Orlando, FL

Location: Orlando, Florida

Technical Professional

Technical Liaison Support hvac Holland, MI

Location: Holland, MI


Human Resources

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