Thermotron temperature chambers come in a variety of sizes and performance configurations, including optional humidity capabilities. Whatever your performance and testing needs, Thermotron chambers are your solution.


SE-Series Chamber

The SE-Series Environmental Chamber product line is the most fully-featured environmental test chamber available on the market. Temperature-only or temperature-humidity configurations are available am…

Walk In Test Chamber

Walk-In Chamber

Walk-In Chambers provide solutions for testing large components, assemblies, and finished products for many industries. A Walk-In Chamber simulates temperature and humidity environments to meet a vari…

S/SM-Series Environmental Chambers-0

S/SM-Series Chamber

Thermotron's S-Series line of test chambers provides superior performance for prototyping, durability testing, and product component screening. The S-Series Environmental Chamber is designed to meet q…

Benchtop Chamber

Benchtop Chamber

A Benchtop Environmental Chamber provides superior performance over a wide range of applications and industries. Thermotron offers benchtop temperature chambers and benchtop humidity chambers that are…

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