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8825 Controller

Thermotron thermal shock chambers are controlled by the 8825 Controller. This climatic chamber controller allows for flexibility and versatility during thermal shock and temperature cycling profile operation. A 12” touchscreen displays the intuitive, Windows®-based operating system.

The 8825 Controller allows temperature programs that utilize the chamber’s cold zone to operate as a standard temperature test chamber. The 8825 Controller controls Thermotron’s automatic defrost feature that allows users to set the number of cycles to perform before the chamber will automatically defrost and recondition its refrigeration system. The program status indicator allows the test name, cycle count, elapsed time, and time remaining to be displayed on the controller’s main screen.

Controller Features

  • Automatic and Manual Operation Modes
  • Automatic Product Carrier Transitions and Backup/Restore
  • Built-In System Monitor and Alarm Status Screens
  • Data Export via USB Port
  • Detailed Test Profile Graphs
  • Ethernet-Compatible and Web-Enabled
  • Multi-Level, Password-Based Security System
  • Pre-Programmed Profiles and Guided Program Creation
  • Product Carrier Location Display
  • Product Temperature Control
  • Programmed Automatic Defrost Cycle
  • Selectable Transfer Soak Methods
  • Step-by-Step Calibration


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