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8800 Controller

Thermotron’s 8800 Controller incorporates state-of-the-art controlling, monitoring, graphing, and reporting on a 12” touchscreen for a wide range of  Thermotron environmental test chambers. Data collection and operation are intuitive and reliable with a Windows®-based interface.

Specialized versions of the 8800 Controller are available with Thermotron AST HALT HASS Chambers with the AST-8800 Controller and the 8825 Controller for use with Thermal Shock Chambers . Data collection is expanded with Thermotron’s 8800 Data Acquisition (DAQ) system.

Controller Features:

  • Windows®-based software designed to run an environmental chamber
  • 12″ touchscreen display
  • 15+ years of data storage
  • Compatible with VNC software so you an run your environmental test chamber from a mobile device
  • Multi-level security system protects sensitive data
  • Activity log displays multiple events
  • Enhanced profile entry allows users to view a graph as data is being entered
  • Graphing capabilities feature cursor bar, zooming, calendar, activity log flags, and more
  • Solenoid Pulse Counts
  • Digital Refrigeration Gauges
  • Programmable service notifications to streamline preventative maintenance
  • Standard USB, Ethernet, and RS-232 serial communications


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