AVI Instrument

AVI Instrument-0

The AVI (Analog Voltage Input)  is an intelligent instrument which uses its own onboard processor to monitor voltages and compare them to high and low limits. This approach reduces software load on the external computer and allows high speed voltage monitoring and failure detection.

  • Failures (outside limits) are detected by the AVI Instrument and notification is sent to the host PC. (Also logged by included TestTRAK software)
  • All 32 channels are independent and each can detect limit failures as short as 500 nS (no mux scan)
  • Measurements may be logged at programmable rates (using TestTrak).
  • Onboard system monitor keeps track of instrument temperature and voltages
  • Instrument includes 16 channels of digital outputs (TTL) which can be used to synchronize events with other instruments or generate clocks to use for timing (timing controlled by user programmable profiles).
  • Instrument includes 2 channels of programmable voltage output (DAC) (Can be used to control external power supply or other uses).
  • The user simply sets parameters for each channel using the included TestTrak software, assigns the profile and starts the instrument.
  • All voltage readings are true RMS regardless of wave shape.
  • Ethernet Interface (built-in web server)

AVI Specifications

Number of Channels: 32 (Single Ended or Differential)
Max Conversion Rate: 2 M sample/sec (500 nS)
Voltage Ranges: +/- 2 Volts (Higher voltage adapters available)
Analog to Digital Converter (ADC): 12 bit (4096 steps) (Resolution: 0.976 mV)
Gain: X1, X10
Input Protection: Over Temperature and Over Voltage
Input Impedance: 100K ohms
16 Channel Programmable Digital Outputs: TTL; 1MHz max; each 8k deep memory for wave form generation.
2 Channel Programmable DAC Output: 450 mA; +/- 12 VDC
Frequency Counter: Each channel monitors frequency as well as voltage (20 Hz-100KHz).

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