8800 Programmer Controller

The 8800 Controller is a touchscreen controller built by Thermotron’s dedicated software programmers for user convenience and industry leading features. The familiar look and feel supports robust operations and increased data access on a single screen.  
Standard Features:

  • Windows®-based software is designed to specifically run a chamber
  • Large, 12″ touchscreen color display makes navigation simple
  • Internal memory allows for 10+ years of data storage
  • Compatible with VNC software so you an run your chamber from a smartphone or tablet
  • Multi-level user security system protects sensitive data
  • Activity log displays multiple events such as starting or stopping a profile
  • Enhanced profile entry allows users to view a graph as data is being entered
  • Graphing capabilities feature cursor bar, zooming, calendar, activity log flags, and more
  • Schematics screen allows for quicker troubleshooting
  • Solenoid Pulse Counts aid in preventative maintenance
  • Digital Refrigeration Gauges provide accuracy
  • Programmable service notifications help streamline preventative maintenance
  • Communications such as USB, Ethernet, and RS-232 makes accessibility a breeze

Specialized versions are available with the AST-8800 and the Thermal Shock’s 8825. Data collection is expanded with Thermotron’s 8800 Data Acquisition (DAQ) system.

The optional Product Dewpoint Control (PDC) is available as part of the 8800 on SE-Series models.

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