8825 Programmer Controller

Thermal shock chambers are controlled by Thermotron’s 8825 Programmer Controller allowing chamber flexibility and versatility during thermal shock and temperature cycling profile operation. The controller has a 12-inch color touchscreen with a Windows®-based operating system. The 8825 is Ethernet-compatible and web-enabled.

Thermal shock tests consist of programmed test cycles that configure each box and involve a complete series of transfers and soak times in a set number of cycles. Four soak methods can be used for this type of testing: time only, time and temperature, temperature and time, and now G-soak (a test profile that insures that product temperature reaches a certain point for a specified period, before carriage transfer from one compartment to another).

The 8825 also allows temperature programs that utilize the chamber’s cold box to operate as a standard temperature chamber. These programs use intervals to cycle the box toward a final temperature in a specified amount of time. Temperature/humidity programs are available in the hot box on some models. The 8825 controls Thermotron’s automatic defrost feature that allows users to set the number of cycles to perform before the chamber will automatically defrost and recondition its refrigeration system.

The program status indicator allows the test name, cycle count, elapsed time and time remaining to be displayed on the controller’s main screen. The 8825 has built-in system status, monitor, and alarm functions. Easy-to-use Wizards make calibration, exporting test data, and programming nearly effortless.

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