Refurbished Chamber

Refurbished Chamber

To meet customer demands, Thermotron purchases, refurbishes, and resells used Thermotron equipment. All refurbished chambers and shakers go through a multi-step process described in detail here before it is ready for sale.

  1. Detailed inspection of the equipment is conducted.
  2. Any identified worn parts will be either reconditioned or replaced.
  3. The equipment is thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Equipment is tested extensively to ensure full functionality per specifications.

All above steps ensure a refurbished Thermotron chamber or shaker operates like a brand new Thermotron piece of equipment.

Read our guide on buying used environmental test chambers.

The following are chambers that are typically available: AGREE, Thermal Shock, and Temperature-Humidity (S/SM and SE-Series, and benchtops) chambers.

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