FA-64-CH-7.5-7.5 Altitude Chamber

Workspace Dimensions—WxDxH: 48 x 4 8x 48 inches
122 x 122 x 122 centimeters
Workspace Volume: 64 ft³
1,812 L
Temperature Range: -73°C to 177°C
(-100°F to 350°F)
Approx. Shipping Weight: 8,500 lbs
3,856 kg
Move-In Dimensions—WxDxH: 72 x 84 x 108 inches
183 x 214 x 275 centimeters
Electrical Requirements in Full Load Amps 460 / 3 / 60: 60
Electrical Requirements in Full Load Amps 230 / 3 / 60: 125


  • Humidity Range is limited by a +7°C (+45°F) minimum dew point temperature and a maximum dry bulb temperature of +85°C (+185°F).
  • Humidity Control is at a dry bulb temperature above +20°C (+68°F).
  • Relative humidity indication at or near the physical limits may be affected by sensor accuracy and control tolerance. An optional humidity package can be added to an Altitude Chamber for applications requiring humidity levels lower than those covered by the full range humidity system.
  • Altitude Chamber performance is based on 60 Hz operation and +23.9°C (+ 75°F) ambient air.
  • Altitude Test Chamber specifications are subject to change without notice.

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