RS-48 Vibration Table

Frequency Range: 2 - 20,000 Hz
Sampling Rate: 100 kHz / channel
Number of Impactors: 16
Load Capacity in lbs: 1,110
Grid Size (inches): 48 x 48
Total Compressed Air (SCFM): 152
Compressed Air Per Impactor (SCFM): 9.5
Axes Excited: 3 linear, 3 rotational
Acceleration Level Baretable (0-10000 Hz): 50 grms
Acceleration Level (0-10000 Hz) 9B106 (5 KN export limit): 40 grms


  • Load capacity of the Vibration Table includes fixture weight.
  • Grid Patterns of the Vibration Tables are 4×4 inches center. Other grid patterns available upon request
  • Clean shop air at 90 psig with a dewpoint of 20°C or less when climate chamber temperature is above freezing. The dewpoint must be less than the impactor temperature while the climate chamber is below freezing. Note maximum air supply temperature above 38°C is the maximum air supply temperature. Temperature above 38°C could destroy the pneumatic impactor.
  • Vibration Table specifications are subject to change without notice.

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