RSL-48 Vibration Table

Frequency Range: 2 - 20,000 Hz
Sampling Rate: 100 kHz / channel
Number of Impactors: 16
Load Capacity in lbs: 1,110
Grid Size (inches): 48 x 48
Total Compressed Air (SCFM): 152
Compressed Air Per Impactor (SCFM): 9.5
Axes Excited: 3 linear, 3 rotational
Acceleration Level Baretable (0-10000 Hz): 50 grms
Acceleration Level (0-10000 Hz) 9B106 (5 KN export limit): consult factory


  • Load capacity includes fixture weight.
  • Grid Patterns are 4×4 inches center. Other grid patterns available upon request
  • Clean shop air at 90 psig with a dewpoint of 20°C or less when chamber temperature is above freezing. The dewpoint must be less than the impactor temperature while the chamber is below freezing. Note maximum air supply temperature above 38°C is the maximum air supply temperature. Temperature above 38°C could destroy the pneumatic impactor.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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