CDS-5 – Cytogenetic Drying Chamber

CDS-5 - Cytogenetic Drying Chamber-0

Developed in cooperation with Mayo Clinic, Thermotron’s Cytogenetic Drying Chamber—the CDS-5—is an environmental chamber designed for conducting cytogenetic slide drying tests during harvest of in situ and non-in situ cell samples. The CDS-5 provides the optimum controlled temperature and humidity environment required to achieve ideal chromosome spreading results.

As evidenced in research conducted by the Cytogenetics Laboratory at Mayo Clinic, the CDS-5 facilitates reliable and repeatable chromosome spreading. The use of an environmentally controlled drying chamber is a practical and cost effective way of achieving ideal chromosome spreading in a routine and highly consistent manner. Favorable chromosome spreading results can be obtained for both in situ and non-in situ cultures including PHA stimulated lymphocytes, bone marrow, amniocytes, and fibroblast cultures.

Because of the unique capabilities of  the CDS-5, the 8200+ Controller, featuring a color touchscreen, has been adapted for use with this chamber’s specific properties. Click here to download the demo.

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Model NumberWorkspace DimensionsCooling Performance
CDS-5 Cytogenetic Drying Chamber 28 x 18 x 19 inches
71 x 46 x 48 centimeters
20ºC to 40ºC
68ºF to 104ºF
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