Refrigeration Training Chamber

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The most effective way to help a student learn about refrigeration is through hands-on experience. Skill retention and efficiency improve when they are practiced and applied in a setting that simulates real work experience. In cooperation with a local vocational program, Thermotron developed the Refrigeration Training Chamber.

The self-contained refrigeration training system allows students to build functional refrigeration and heating systems in a classroom environment. Instructors have the ability to inject failures or faults into the training chamber so the students can troubleshoot and repair the equipment on their own.

An insulated and conditioned workspace controls high and low temperatures and can be run for extended periods of time, providing meaningful test duration and indicating whether the students’ project is functioning to specifications.

The Refrigeration Training Chamber was designed with student safety in mind. An electrical disconnect switch shuts off power to the electrical panel when the electrical compartment door opens. A transparent plexi-glass guard over the rear plenum wall provides finger safe protection from circulator fan blades, cold evaporator coils, and hot heater elements.

Lending a clean and professional appearance to any program’s classroom setting, the Refrigeration Training Chamber utilizes casters and can be stocked with inventory and safely removed to storage when not in use. The Refrigeration Training Chamber simulates low, medium, or high temperature refrigeration cycles and can be assembled using capillary tubes or expansion valves as required to emulate a variety of refrigeration configurations. The versatile refrigeration training chamber can be used for programs to teach adult or community education as well as high school through college level programs.

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