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Remote Conditioners from Thermotron provide a useful approach for testing awkwardly large or hard to reach products. Designed to provide flexibility in remotely conditioning products, Thermotron’s Remote Conditioners are the perfect solution for the unique testing requirements of a variety of industries.

Thermotron Remote Conditioner test solutions are available in several configurations to best fit your needs.

Our dual-purpose Remote Conditioners are designed to either deliver temperature-conditioned air to remote sites or operate as a completely independent, self-contained temperature chamber or combined with an SE-Series Environmental Chamber for and/or humidity chamber.

Portable Conditioner:
In situations where the size or location of a product to be tested prohibits it from being placed in a conventional climatic chamber, Thermotron’s Portable Temperature Conditioners provide the solution. A full range of conditioned air is delivered through insulated duct work in a closed-loop configuration providing conditioned air to remote enclosures.

Portable Conditioners can use liquid nitrogen (LN2), carbon dioxide or mechanical refrigeration as the cooling sources. Available with a range of blower sizes and air flow rate capabilities, Portable Conditioners are able to fulfill and variety of testing requirements.

SE-Series Environmental Chamber Remote Blower Conditioner Package:
This permanent solution features a blower mounted to the top of a SE-Series Environmental Chamber, and has two port connections in the test chamber’s side wall. The mounted blower moves the air from the chamber workspace through the side wall port where the insulated supply and return ducts are connected. The supply duct leads to a remote enclosure where the product is located. The return duct runs from the remote enclosure back to the test chamber using the second port, providing closed-loop conditioning. Thermotron exclusive Product Temperature Control software monitors the product under test.

Remote Blower Conditioner Cart Assembly:
The Remote Blower Conditioner Cart Assembly works with an existing Thermotron SE-Series Environmental Chamber with the patented Universal Port option. The Blower Cart Assembly is a stand-alone piece of equipment on casters which connects with the Universal Port. Once connected to the SE Chamber through the Universal Port, the Remote Blower Conditioner Cart Assembly uses its blower to move the cold air from the test chamber through an insulated duct in to a remote enclosure which houses the product under test, which is monitored and controlled with Product Temperature Control software. When not in use, the Remote Blower Conditioner Cart Assembly can be rolled away and stored. Below are some use case scenarios from actual customers who have purchased the Remote Blower Conditioner Cart Assembly.

Case #1
A multi-national manufacturer of wheels, brakes, and braking systems for commercial aircrafts is utilizing the Remote Blower Conditioner Cart Assembly to more efficiently test their product while mounted to an aircraft wheel on a dynamometer. This new testing process will eliminate the logistical difficulties of sequentially bringing the brake assembly to -54°C, removing it from the chamber, fitting it to the aircraft wheel, craning it to the dynamometer, and then finally simulating the landing.

Case #2
An automotive manufacturer needed to test the hall effect speed sensors for powertrain control. The testing is carried out using a test bench capable of spinning up to 6,000 rpm. The large size of the test bench prevents it from being placed in an upright environmental chamber. The customer built a clam shell remote enclosure over the top of the test bench and thermal cycles this space using Remote Blower Conditioner Cart Assembly hooked up to a SE-Series Chamber through the Universal Port.

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