Solar Panel Chamber

Solar Panel Environmental Test Chamber

Thermotron Solar Panel Testing Systems provide customized environmental chamber solutions for testing solar panels, grid-tied photovoltaic inverters, or photovoltaic cells and modules. Our three-pronged approach allows you to find everything you need for your testing demands: a variety of environmental chambers, specially designed fixtures, and integrated product control & data logging.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules and panels are growing in popularity due to emerging renewable energy trends. Solar panels could power vehicles, cell phones, laptops, lights, and aircrafts in the near future. In order to effectively power these devices, the solar panel must be able to withstand their likely environmental surroundings.

To test the panels against their environment, many considerations need to be made before test equipment is selected. First and foremost, the types of tests need to be designed based on test standards such as IEC 61215, IEC 61646, IEC 61731, and UL 1703. Solar panel dimensions and quantity also need to be considered. The chamber needs to accommodate the quantity of panels being to be tested as well as the loading technique to optimize efficiency. Will the panels be powered on during testing? What level and sophistication of functional testing or data measurement and acquisition such as temperature, voltage, and current will be needed?

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