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If you need environmental testing equipment quickly, Thermotron’s Stock Express program is your solution.


We are constantly building up our most popular models for stock, providing you the opportunity to reduce wait times with the purchase of chambers and vibration systems already in production.

Stock Express chambers come equipped with standard Thermotron features, including our in-house controllers specifically designed and programmed to optimize the testing capabilities of your chamber. Customization and the addition of optional accessories are available for these units, but please note the shipping time and price will be affected.

Meet your critical testing needs effectively and efficiently with a Stock Express test system. Below are some commonly stocked models, but for up-to-date availability or more information, contact your local sales representative or request a quote.


Stock Express Equipment

Benchtop Models Workspace Volume Temp Range Humidity Range
S-1.2 1.2 ft³ (34L) -73°C to 180°C n/a
S-1.5 1.5 ft³ (42L) -68ºC to 180ºC n/a
Upright Models Workspace Volume Temp Range Humidity Range
S-4 4 ft³ (113L) -70°C to 180°C n/a
S-8 8 ft³ (227L) -70°C to 180°C n/a
SM-8 8 ft³ (227L) -70°C to 180°C 10% to 98%
SM-16 16 ft³ (453L) -68°C to 180°C 10% to 98%
SM-32 32 ft³ (906L) -68°C to 180°C 10% to 98%
SE-600 20.7 ft³ (586L) -70ºC to 180ºC 10% to 98%
SE-1000 34.8 ft³ (986L) -70ºC to 180ºC 10% to 98%
Shaker Models Payload Support Force Rating Frequency Range
DSX-2250 500 lbs (227 kg) 2,250 LBF (10kN) 0-3,000 Hz

Note: Some models are available for feature upgrades based upon special request, production scheduling, and availability of materials.

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