You are probably used to only seeing a Thermotron environmental chamber or electrodynamic shaker in just one of two colors – blue and gray. But we can in fact paint your piece of test equipment any color you like, provided you let us know which one.

Custom paint color is an available optional feature for equipment purchased from Thermotron, and the process is quite simple. During the quote process, you work with our Sales and Application Engineers and simply notify them what color you want your test equipment to be painted. We primarily work with RAL and FED-STD-595C – Color Standards, but if you provide us with a color and the standard it comes from we will work with our paint supplier to ensure that your environmental chamber or electrodynamic shaker is painted your specified color.

So, why would you want to have your climate chamber painted a different color? There are many reasons here are a few of the most common:

  • Branding – customers want to have their equipment painted to promote their brand, and incorporate their branding colors into items their staff and customers see every day.
  • Grouping – Some customers with many Thermotron chambers in their lab need them to be color coordinated by function, ability, or size.
  • Safety – We have also had customers request that only certain parts of the environmental chamber or electrodynamic shaker are painted. For example we had a customer paint all electrical panels bright orange to highlight potential safety hazards.

There are many unique reasons to specify a paint color on your environmental chamber or electrodynamic shaker, almost as many as there are colors. What color would you put on your test equipment?

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