The Product Dewpoint Control (PDC) feature uses algorithms programmed into the 8800 programmer controller to automatically maintain the product to be warmer than the surrounding air. This allows the 8800 to implement the best possible ramp rate to the desired temperature/relative humidity conditions while preventing condensation on the products under test. In the simplest configuration, the product temperature control sensor becomes the PDC sensor when in dewpoint mode. In these chambers, a second control module was added so that 7 additional thermocouples could be distributed inside the chamber. The 8800 algorithm then uses a minimum of eight thermocouple readings (PDC thermocouple + 7 extras) to maintain the correct offset between product temperature and chamber air temperature. The PDC option will be available to customers like other options we provide such as humidity, low humidity, purge, etc. PDC can be retrofitted to existing chambers if the software is updated.

  • 8800 controller algorithms operate the chambers heat and humidity systems in such a way that the chamber air dewpoint remains at a temperature that is lower than the products temperature. Thus, prevents condensation from forming.
  • 8800 controller only
  • Selectable feature in Manual Mode or Program Mode
  • Retrofitable – Upgrade software
  • Does not require a hardware or refrigeration upgrade
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