Product Temperature Control (PTC) is a software and thermocouple system used to increase product temperature ramp rates with user-defined temperature offsets. This feature is set up and controlled through the 8800 Controller.

During conventional environmental testing, the workspace air temperature setpoint is achieved before the product temperature reaches it. The product temperature will lag behind and approach the air temperature at an exponentially decreasing rate. PTC reduces product ramp times by up to 50% by over-driving the chamber’s conditioning system until the product temperature achieves the desired setpoint.

In the above example, the workspace air temperature reaches 65°C and holds until the desired product temperature setpoint of 55°C is achieved. Once the product temperature approaches the setpoint, the air temperature converges with the product temperature so both are at 55°C. This ensures accurate test results for your product during environmental testing. PTC works for both heating and cooling. This feature is standard on most models.

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