All electrodynamic shakers have the option of being used with sliptables and a trunnion allowing vibration tests to be performed in the horizontal axis by rotating the electrodynamic shaker 90°. Our single piece table construction with a solid trunnion limits the relative body motion of the electrodynamic shaker and improves low frequency/high displacement performance of the overall system. This solid trunnion and base configuration also limits potential problems associated with misalignment.

Oil Film

The precision surfaced magnesium plate rides on a film of oil which is circulated by a low pressure pumping system. The oil film provides a low friction surface and acts as a damping medium for restraint of resonances, pitch and roll moments. A standard relief valve directs non-required oil out of the pump back to the oil reservoir to increase pump life instead of re-circulating within the pump at temperature. A rubberized dirt shield forms the outer edge of the slipplate to prevent foreign matter from contaminating the oil and the oil from splashing out.

Linear Guide Bearing

This concept combines a standard slip table assembly with hydrostatic bearings to provide high restraint to pitch, yaw and roll moments, while preserving the damping characteristics of an oil film. This system allows testing of heavy products with high centers of gravity and is available with low or high pressure oil supply.

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