F-126-CHMV-25-25-3 AGREE Humidity Chamber

Workspace Volume: 126 ft³
3,568 L


  • AGREE Chamber performance is based upon 60 Hz and laboratory ambient conditions of 23.9°C (75°F), and may vary slightly on 50 Hz power or at other temperature and humidity levels. AGREE Environmental Chambers are designed for use under normal operating conditions.
  • AGREE Chambers not designed for hazardous materials. If hazardous materials are involved, consult Thermotron.
  • Accessories may impact performance and increase move-in dimensions on the test chamber. Custom options available.
  • Thermotron AGREE Chambers can be built to almost size and configuration.
  • Electrical disconnect may be necessary to meet local electrical codes. CSA Electrical Compliance for Canadian applications and CE Mark for European applications are available. Air-cooled condenser is available for facilities where water is not available.
  • AGREE Chamber general specifications subject to change.

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