WP-605 Panel Walk-In Chamber

Workspace Dimensions—WxDxH: 85 x 131 x 94 inches
Workspace Volume: 605 ft³
17,134 L
Temperature Range Single Stage: -34°C to 85°C
Temperature Range Cascade: -68°C to 85°C
Humidity Range: 20 to 95% RH
Dewpoint Range: 5°C to 65°C


  • The Walk-In Chamber specifications reflect the workspace prior to plenum interface. Some of the interior workspace will be used by the conditioning module plenum.
  • This is a list of common sizes for environmental rooms and many other custom sizes are available.
  • Thermotron can make Panel Walk-In Chambers much larger than the WP-1422. Please consult with your local sales person or an application engineer for more information.
  • Walk-In Chamber specifications are subject to change without notice.

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