We all have or use touch screens, but are we remembering to clean them?

In our current day and age, touch screen devices are everywhere. Cleaning your devices is just as important as washing your hands through these turbulent times.

Our controller screens are different than popular cell phone screens.

If you’re curious about the best ways to clean your devices, click here for the cleaning recommendations directly from our display provider.

What About Shared Screens?

Shared screens are particularly important to keep cleaned with multiple people using them. Whether you’re setting up an environmental test or reading testing results, keeping shared surfaces clean will help reduce any potential contamination.

Thermotron’s built in Virtual Network Computing server, VNC, offers remote access to control and monitor chamber performance without needing to touch the controller on our 8800 and 8825 controllers.

Seamlessly monitor and control chamber performance from your own non-shared device. Whether you are working from your personal office, from home, or another country, let Thermotron’s VNC server boost your productivity today!


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