Developed to perform temperature and humidity testing where floor space is limited, Thermotron is pleased to introduce the SM-4-S-3800, a compact, single stage environmental test chamber. Just 31″ wide, with flush mounted controller in the door, the SM-4-S easily passes through narrow doorways and takes up very little floor space. Interior workspace dimensions of 20″W x 20″D x 20″H (51cm x 51cm x 51cm) make the SM-4-S ideal for temperature and humidity testing small products, subassemblies or components.

With a 2 HP, single-stage hermetic compressor, the SM-4-S has the capability of reaching temperatures ranging from -40°C to +180°C (-40°F to +356°F). The chamber provides moderate to fast temperature change rates and efficient utility consumption. The SM-4-S is able to reach humidity levels from 10% to 98% RH. The electronic humidity sensor ensures accurate testing and requires less maintenance than dry bulb wet bulb control sensors. This chamber is available in temperature/humidity and temperature only configurations.

Another advantage of the SM-4-S is its controller: the 3800 Touch Sensitive Programmer Controller. The 3800 has been designed and refined specifically for environmental test chamber applications. The interactive touch-sensitive keypad and informative four line display make program entry and monitoring easy. With build-in Ethernet connections, the SM-4-S interfaces with a computer for PC control and recording test data, while the web server feature enables remote access.

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