Thermotron offers a service for customers for all of its products and equipment, Customer Acceptance. Customers are invited to Thermotron in Holland, Michigan to spend the day where their environmental chamber or vibration shaker was manufactured, ask questions, learn about the equipment’s functionality, and see a test run.

Upon arriving at the plant, customers will tour the manufacturing facility, verify their environmental chamber or vibration equipment specifications, validate the alarms, learn about the features of the environmental test chamber or electrodynamic shaker, receive training for the controller, and verify the test equipment will meet their testing requirements.

Customer Acceptances offer many benefits. First, it gives customers the ability to firsthand confirm test chamber or electrodynamic shaker reliability. Second, if a problem is found, engineers can quickly diagnose and fix it. Third, customers see their environmental and vibration test equipment prior to shipment, and learn how to best utilize the equipment to fit their testing needs.

Customers enjoy meeting everyone involved in the process, and getting on-site demonstrations on the functionality of their climate chambers and vibration shakers. Even customers who have previous experience with Thermotron benefit, receiving professional training and putting a face to the names of people who have been helping them accomplish their testing needs. Customers can also see the loyalty and passion Thermotron employees have for their work, and how it shows in the excellence of the equipment.

Thermotron is committed to providing excellent customer service for our customers. Talk to your salesperson to set up your Customer Acceptance, and discuss any testing requirements prior to your visit. Hope to see you soon!

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