Further expanding the functionality of their already versatile Programmer/Controllers, Thermotron is proud to offer the new PDA Chamber Monitor, a handheld PDA that enables remote access to Thermotron test equipment via a wireless Intranet. Thermotron’s PDA Chamber Monitor allows you to wirelessly monitor a network of chambers equipped with Thermotron’s popular 8800, 8200 and/or 3800 Programmer Controllers.

Application specific software and an easy-to-use graphical interface allows for convenient, remote interaction with chamber instrumentation. Never before has it been so easy to monitor chamber performance and operation. The PDA Chamber Monitor allows the user to search and connect to any chamber in the network, receive automatic chamber alarm notifications, monitor profile status of tests in progress and remotely witness in process graphs of chamber operation right in the palm of your hand. Users can also view description information and operating status of any chamber on the network, examine test time remaining, set point conditions, throttle values and actual process variables.

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