Designed to perform accelerated stress testing on very large products, Thermotron’s FAST chambers provide versatility and sophisticated combined environmental testing unlike other HALT/HASS chambers currently on the market. These chambers are able to perform extreme temperature, humidity and vibration tests inside a chamber ranging to 100 cu. ft. (2831.7 liters) allowing for quick discovery of product and design deficiencies.

Featuring legs, an open bottom and an elevated workspace, FAST chambers are easily interfaced with repetitive shock or electrodynamic vibration systems for combined environmental testing. These shakers can include air-glide casters allowing the shaker to be easily slid in and out of the chamber. The slide-out shaker makes for easy product loading. The product can be placed onto the shaker table and then rolled into the chamber for testing.

Thermotron’s FAST chambers feature powerful mechanical refrigeration systems with compressors ranging in size from 7.5 to 30 Hp and are able to produce temperatures ranging from -73°C to +200°C (-99.4°F to 392°F). By using mechanical refrigeration cost of operation for is reduced and provides a rapid return on investment compared with similar-sized LN2 based test facilities.

FAST chambers are also available with liquid nitrogen based refrigeration systems. These LN2 cooled chambers are
capable of ultra fast product temperature change rates exceeding 70°C/min and an extended range down to -100°C (-148°F).

FAST chambers feature high volume air distribution system that provides increased air velocity over products, facilitating higher stress levels. This airflow configuration and intensity has the ability to be modified through an adjustable slot and flexible air ducts focusing performance right where it is needed. FAST chambers are available in temperature or temperature/humidity configuration. A variable humidity range of 20% to 95% relative humidity is an available option on most models.

Almost any option currently available on Thermotron’s AGREE chamber can be incorporated on FAST chambers including dry air purge, Thermotrimmer, vertical lift doors, glove ports and quiet packages. FAST chambers feature safety devices protecting test operators including door locks, interior release and emergency power off switches.

The AST-8800 control system has been designed specifically for extreme change rate chambers and repetitive shock vibration systems. It features a 17-inch flat panel monitor that displays power spectral density, temperature and acceleration data all on easy-to-read screens. An always-on paperless recorder. Ethernet-compatible and web-enabled with an internet-ready front end for virtual anytime/anywhere access.

Thermotron’s FAST chambers can be applied where products are large and need to be easily loaded into a chamber for HALT/HASS testing. With a variety of available chamber sizes and refrigeration configurations, Thermotron’s FAST chambers have proven to be the solution for a diverse collection of clients in different industries.

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