Thermotron continues to shake up the vibration industry by introducing its versatile DSX-12000 electrodynamic vibration test system. This electrodynamic shaker features a lightweight 16″ (40.6 cm) diameter magnesium armature able to produce acceleration levels up to 120 g. Rated at 12,000 lbf (53.4 kN) sine and random, the DSX-12000 features best-in-class shock performance for low-frequency, high displacement tests with heavy product payloads.

Thermotron’s dynamic centering system with optical sensors ensures that the armature remains centered during travel. The system offers vibration test solutions for a wide range of applications, including automotive shock, squeak & rattle testing, military transportation testing, avionics/aerospace vibration test requirements, and stress screening applications. The DSX-12000 is completely air-cooled and fully compatible with AGREE environmental test chambers. It is capable of supporting payloads up to 1,500 Lbs (680 Kg) and offers velocity up to 115 ips (2.92 mps).

The DSX-12000 is controlled by Thermotron’s exclusive VCS-3200 Vibration Control System. Updated for Windows XP@,YCS-3200 software is available for accurate sine, random, shock, resonant search and dwell, real data acquisition and playback (RDAP), random-on-random, and sine-on-random capabilities. The software runs off Thermotron’s reliable, field-proven VCS-3200 Vibration Control System platform with eight standard accelerometer input channels. The VCS-3200 features over 85dB of dynamic range, a selectable resolution of up to 3,200 lines, and a user-selectable frequency range up to 3,000Hz.

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