Introduces Innovative High Performance EXTREME AST Systems

Thermotron recently conducted two well attended Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) & Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS) seminars in Shenzhen and Shanghai China in conjunction with TTE International. Over 250 attendees received information on the topics of HALT & HASS Accelerated Stress Testing.

In addition, companies representing a wide range of market segments were introduced to Thermotron’s new EXTREME AST products. EXTREME AST is a HALT/HASS chamber that uses an innovative and patented vibration test system capable of shaping the response spectrum and achieving acceleration levels in excess of 100 Grms and over 1,500 Gpk. The new multi-axis EXTREME AST shaker system is capable of providing three distinct modes of repetitive shock vibration in the High Frequency Mode, the Low Frequency Mode, and the Synchronized Shock Mode. Through patented advancements, the vibration test system has complete and independent control over the frequency and amplitude of each impactor. Vibration response can be tailored and results are extremely consistent uniform.

A further topic of the seminar was the presentation of a case study performed by Elite Electronics Engineering, an independent third party test lab. The case study concluded that the new EXTREME AST vibration successfully found failures in products that had not previously failed a traditional HALT test. Another finding of the case study was that failures could be found in shorter periods of time using higher acceleration levels.

Through the implementation of Accelerated Stress Testing techniques, companies are able to find and fix failures, making their products more reliable and robust. With the advancements of EXTREME AST, they will be able to find more failures more quickly.


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