HOLLAND, Mich.—Thermotron Industries was issued a patent pending approval in May for its new Extreme Multi-Zone Vibration Control. This new control will be an optional feature of Thermotron’s Extreme AST system.

Test the product not the table with Thermotron’s Extreme Multi-Zone Vibration Control. This feature offers control and balance uniformity for one, two, or four different zones on one table within tenths of a Grms.

“Years of engineering have been put into the Extreme Multi-Zone Vibration Control,” said Chris Scholten, a Thermotron Applications Engineer. “For the first time, different sized products can be accurately controlled at the same Grms level and same sized products can be stressed at different Grms levels.”

Conventional systems attempt to control the entire surface of the table to one Grms level. Actual vibration levels measured on each product can be much higher or lower than the table control due to product size, weight, fixturing, and table uniformity.

“It is far more important to control and monitor vibration levels on the product than on a single control accelerometer,” added Scholten.  “No one has ever been able to do that before.”

This new control makes dynamic adjustments, automatically compensating for system variability such as inconsistencies in the table, impactor wear, air supply, product, and fixture mounting.

For more than 50 years, Thermotron has been a premier worldwide supplier of environmental test chambers that can simulate and record your environment. All products are designed and manufactured at company headquarters in Holland, Mich. For more information, visit www.thermotron.com or call 616-393-4580.

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