Glendale, Arizona – May 2-5 Thermotron will exhibit at IEST’s 62nd Annual Technical Meeting and Exposition, ESTECH 2016. This event provides an opportunity for companies to network and learn the latest information in Contamination Control/Cleanrooms, Environmental Testing, Product Reliability, Aerospace, Nanotechnology Facilities. Stop by our Thermotron booth, 26, to learn more about HALT/HASS, Environmental Testing Systems, and Vibration Testing Systems.

This year we have two Thermotron engineers presenting at ESTECH. Ben Shank, Thermotron Mechanical Engineer, will present on why high-kurtosis testing is an inefficient way to damage products during non-stationary vibration testing. He will propose alternatives to high-kurtosis testing that reduces test durations while preserving damage characteristics on May 3. Milt Bos, Supervising Mechanical Engineer – Vibrations Test Systems, will present on the practical uses and limitations of combined environment testing with test chambers and Electrodynamic shakers. He will also present on issues that need to be considered for effective implementation on May 5.

Thermotron will also exhibit at the Space Tech and Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo May 24-26 in Pasadena, CA.

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