Thermotron is proud to offer an instrument utilizing a single graphical interface able to control both the chamber and vibration test system. Ideal for customers performing combined environment testing, Thermotron’s Combined Environment Control System uses a large, 21″ widescreen color LCD monitor to display vibration control information such as power spectral density and acceleration data on one half of the display and temperature control information on the other.

Integrating our powerful and easy to use 8800 controller with the unparalleled performance capabilities of our VCS-3200,Thermotron has created a state-of-the-art control system able of performing the most extensive combined environment testing. The 8800’s Quick Nav buttons provide time-saving shortcuts to user-defined access screens. Quick-step wizards make profile generation a breeze while online help screens are standard for novice users. The VCS-3200 offers a full range of test capabilities for vibration control and analysis including
accurate sine, random, shock, resonant search and dwell, random-on-random, sine-on-random and shock response
spectrum (SRS) capabilities. Real Data Acquisition and Playback (RDAP) allows actual vibration data to be recorded in the field from product performance under normal operating conditions and reproduced on the shaker in the lab. The system clearly displays helpful run-time information for both the chamber and vibration system with ease making the Combined Environment Control System ideal for a variety of testing requirements including the automotive, electronic and military industries.

Using easy-to-read screens, the control system allows users to define temperature and vibration profiles and control multiple accelerometers and thermocouples. Ethernet-compatible and web enabled with an Internet ready front end, the Combined Environment Control System provides virtual anytime/anywhere access. Thermotron’s extensive multi-level, password-based security system protects sensitive data and the always-on paperless recorder saves temper-proof data.


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