Looking for more flexibility and use from your environmental chamber? Learn how the Universal Port can expand functionality of a SE-Series Environmental Chamber to become a multi-functional environmental testing unit.

The patented Universal Port is an oversized portal installed into the side wall on of a SE-Series Environmental Chamber, expanding its capabilities by increasing and diversifying test system utilization and lab productivity.

The interchangeable modules and accessories available with the Universal Port include:

  • RSL-16 Portable Shaker
  • Roll-up AST Module
  • Roll-up Thermal Shock Module
  • Walk-in Conditioning Module
  • Glove Ports
  • Bulkhead ESS Connector Plate
  • Remote Conditioning Module
  • Workspace Extension Enclosures
  • Fiber Optic Management Trays
  • Data Storage Test Module

Read more about the Universal Port by downloading the following Feature Focus –  Universal Port Feature Focus.

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