Missed the webinar on Fixturing for Electrodynamic Shakers? Watch a recorded version of the webinar today! Click here to watch.

Join us Wednesday, Nov. 18th from 2-3 PM EST for Thermotron’s FREE Webinar on Fixturing for Electrodynamic Shakers presented by Milt Bos, Mechanical Engineer!

Proper fixturing is essential for vibration testing, and this webinar will explain effective methods for designing fixtures for electrodynamic shakers. The webinar will also:

  • Define electrodynamic fixtures
  • Detail the expectations that electrodynamic fixtures should meet
  • Suggest design methods that help facilitate electrodynamic fixture design
  • Material selection
  • Fixture selection and fixture quality
  • How to maximize uniformity and transmissibility
  • Careful design of joints and fasteners



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