Created for customers in need of workspace wider than it is deep, the new SE-1504 by Thermotron features interior dimensions of 60″W x 40″D x 38″H with a bi-parting access door. The new SE-1504 has an ergonomic loading configuration that allows products to be easily placed inside of the chamber without extending past arm’s length.

The SE-1504 boasts of wide temperature and humidity ranges: -70°C to +180°C (-94°F to 365°F) and 10% to 98% relative humidity. Application-specific compressor selections from 3 to 15 Hp allow you to tailor a chamber performance to meet individual testing needs.

The chamber features Thermotron’s 8800 Programmer Controller with touch screen interface. The 8800 offers a brilliant 12″ color touch screen display, Ethernet-compatibility and web-enabled front end for virtual anytime/anywhere access.

The design of the SE-1504 allows for easy loading of wide products such as automotive dashboards and headlamp assemblies, solar panels, wide screen LCDs, and appliances.

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