Product Series: Vibration Test Systems

Thermotron’s DSX line of electrodynamic shakers provides elite performance as standalone test systems or by seamlessly integrating with a test chamber for high-performance combined environmental testing.

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Back to His Roots

Employee Series: Back to His Roots

Hear the story of Josiah Sytsma, a Thermotron employee who left for another company, only to return after realizing Thermotron was where he wanted to be.

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Build a Career

Employee Series: Build A Career

Hear the story of Barry Wilkins, a Thermotron employee who worked his way up from the production floor to be a product design engineer with the help of Thermotron’s tuition reimbursement program.

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Employee Series: All in the Family

Hear the story of the Paasmans, a family of five all working at Thermotron.

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Product Series: SE-Series Environmental Test Chambers

See how the most fully-featured, customizable environmental test chamber on the market, Thermotron’s SE-Series Chamber, can be a critical addition to your product test lab.

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Product Series: AGREE Chamber & Electrodynamic Shaker

See how an AGREE chamber can be integrated with an electrodynamic vibration shaker table.

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Electrodynamic Vibration Shock Testing

Vibration Pulse for Gunshot

This video shows an electrodynamic shaker simulating gunshots using shock testing.

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Thermotron: Company History

An introduction to Thermotron’s rich history in environmental testing.

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Electrodynamic Shaker Rotation

Three Easy Steps to Rotate a Shaker

Watch how simple it is to rotate a Thermotron electrodynamic vibration shaker.

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RSL-16 Portable Shaker

RSL-16 Portable Shaker Assembly

The simple installation process of the RSL-16 Portable Chamber allows users to do HALT at one-third of the cost.

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Electrodynamic Shaker Sliptable Rotation

Vibration Slip Table Rotation

Thermotron’s electrodynamic vibration shaker sliptable design maximizes table rotation efficiency.

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AGREE Vibration Chamber

AGREE Chamber Orientation Change

Two people work to change the orientation of the shaker table from a horizontal position to vertical integration with an AGREE chamber.

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Walk In Chamber Construction

Walk-In Chamber Assembly

A time-lapse demonstration of a Panel Walk-In Chamber being assembled.

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Electrodynamic Shaker Orientation

Going Horizontal to Vertical in Under 60 Minutes

An electrodynamic shaker is moved from horizontal position to vertical orientation.

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Universal Port HALT Module

AST Module Connecting to an SE-Series Chamber

Watch the SE-Series Envrionmental Chamber turn into a HALT Chamber through the Universal Port.

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