Stock Express Brochure

Learn about how you can take advantage of Thermotron’s Stock Express program to reduce the wait times on new test equipment.

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8200+ Controller | Demo Available-0

Feature Focus: 8200+ Controller | Demo Available

Designed and built by Thermotron engineers, see how easy the 8200+ controller makes program entry and product monitoring.

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Patented Universal Port

Feature Focus: Universal Port – SE-Series

Maximize the capabilities of your SE-Series chamber with a universal port.

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Feature Focus: Access Ports-0

Feature Focus: Access Ports

Products under test can stay connected through utilization of a customizable access port.

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Safety Feature: Battery Test Chamber-0

Feature Focus: Battery Test Chamber Safety

Thermotron provides proven safety solutions for potentially dangerous battery testing.

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Shock-Absorbing Environmental Shipping Pallet

Feature Focus: Shock Absorbing Pallet Design

New shipping pallets reduce transportation related damange to environmental chambers.

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Product Dewpoint Control for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: Product Dewpoint Control – 8800 Controller

PDC prevents troublesome condensation from forming on a product during the testing process.

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Transition Cooling for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: Transition Cooling – SE-Series

Transition cooling boosts chamber performance and reduces energy consumption in SE-Series chambers.

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ThermoTrakII for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: ThermoTrak II Software

Control up to 32 environmental chambers with a single PC with ThermoTrakII.

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Feature Focus: Enhanced Shock-0

Feature Focus: Enhanced Shock

Thermotron can tailor any of its electrodynamic shakers to match specific shock tests as an effective solution to high-force shock requirements.

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Feature Focus: TestTools-0

Feature Focus: TestTools

Thermotron’s TestTools increase test data and enhance the product monitoring capabilities of standard controllers.

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Feature Focus: VNC Viewer-0

Feature Focus: VNC Viewer

Remotely monitor your product testing by accessing controller data through the VNC viewer.

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