Stock Express Brochure

Learn about how you can take advantage of Thermotron’s Stock Express program to reduce the wait times on new test equipment.

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Basics & Best Practices of Environmental Testing

Webinar: Basics & Best Practices of Environmental Testing

A comprehensive overview of the different types of environmental testing and the best practices associated with them.

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Product Reliability Testing

Webinar: High Performance Product Reliability Testing

See how Thermotron can customize the SE-Series chamber to support high-performance testing.

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Refurbished Chamber Process

Learn about the refurbishing proccess a used Thermotron test chamber goes through.

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AGREE Vibration Chamber

AGREE Chamber Orientation Change

Two people work to change the orientation of the shaker table from a horizontal position to vertical integration with an AGREE chamber.

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Walk In Chamber Construction

Walk-In Chamber Assembly

A time-lapse demonstration of a Panel Walk-In Chamber being assembled.

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Feature Focus: Access Ports-0

Feature Focus: Access Ports

Products under test can stay connected through utilization of a customizable access port.

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Shock-Absorbing Environmental Shipping Pallet

Feature Focus: Shock Absorbing Pallet Design

New shipping pallets reduce transportation related damange to environmental chambers.

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Environmental Chamber Installation Guide

Environmental Test Chamber Installation Guide

Ensure your lab is prepared for a new environmental test chamber.

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CMU Panel Walk-In

Case Study: CMU Human Environmental Studies

CMU is improving consumer clothing products with their walk-in chamber.

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Product Dewpoint Control for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: Product Dewpoint Control – 8800 Controller

PDC prevents troublesome condensation from forming on a product during the testing process.

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Used Chamber Considerations

Ten Questions to Consider when Purchasing a Used Chamber

Ask these 10 questions before purchasing a used environmental chamber.

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Transition Cooling for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: Transition Cooling – SE-Series

Transition cooling boosts chamber performance and reduces energy consumption in SE-Series chambers.

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Humidity Chamber Water Quality Guide

Humidity Chamber Water Quality Guide

Meeting the appropriate water quality requirements is crucial to the effectiveness and longevity of your humidity chamber.

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Environmental Test Chambers

Solid Walk-in Chamber Brochure

View Thermotron’s Solid Walk-In Chamber brochure for information on testing large components.

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Guide: Environmental Stresses and Their Effects-0

Environmental Stresses and Their Effects

A guide to the effects of environmental stresses commonly applied throughout product testing.

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Brochure: SE-Series Environmental Testing Chamber-0

SE-Series Environmental Testing Chamber Brochure

Learn about the SE-Series Environmental Chamber — our most fully-featured test chamber.

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Benchtop Environmental Chamber

Benchtop Environmental Chamber with 8200+ Controller Brochure

Take a look at Thermotron’s Benchtop Environmental Chamber with 8200+ Controller.

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Guide: Environmental Testing Types and Processes -0

Environmental Testing Types and Processes

A guide to the applications and advantages of the two fundamental forms of environmental testing: simulation and stimulation.

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Altitude Test Chamber

Altitude Test Chamber Brochure

Learn about testing your product with altitude testing, controlled temperature, and optional humidity with Thermotron’s Altitude Test Chamber.

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