Repetitive Shock Vibration Table Uniformity

Webinar: The Importance of Table Uniformity with HALT and HASS

Discover the importance of vibration table uniformity and how Thermotron’s patented Multi-Zone Control technology can help.

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HALT Handbook

Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) Handbook

Learn about Accelerated Stress Testing with this guide to HALT and HASS chambers and repetitive shock vibration.

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Refurbished Chamber Process

Learn about the refurbishing proccess a used Thermotron test chamber goes through.

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RSL-16 Portable Shaker

RSL-16 Portable Shaker Assembly

The simple installation process of the RSL-16 Portable Chamber allows users to do HALT at one-third of the cost.

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HALT and HASS Advancements

Webinar: Advancements in Product Reliability with HALT/HASS

Learn about what Thermotron HALT/HASS chambers can do to help improve product reliability.

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Vibration Testing

Webinar: Electrodynamic or Repetitive Shock Vibration: Which is Best for your Application?

Explore electrodynamic and repetitive shock vibration testing to determine which best suits your product testing needs.

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Webinar: Fixturing for Electrodynamic Shakers-0

Webinar: Fixturing for Electrodynamic Shakers

Learn about vibration fixture functions and expectations, effective methods for robust fixture design, how to best select fixture material, and how a successful fixture maximizes testing uniformity and transmissibility.

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Universal Port HALT Module

AST Module Connecting to an SE-Series Chamber

Watch the SE-Series Envrionmental Chamber turn into a HALT Chamber through the Universal Port.

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Environmental Chamber Installation Guide

Environmental Test Chamber Installation Guide

Ensure your lab is prepared for a new environmental test chamber.

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Product Dewpoint Control for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: Product Dewpoint Control – 8800 Controller

PDC prevents troublesome condensation from forming on a product during the testing process.

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Used Chamber Considerations

Ten Questions to Consider when Purchasing a Used Chamber

Ask these 10 questions before purchasing a used environmental chamber.

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Guide: Environmental Stresses and Their Effects-0

Environmental Stresses and Their Effects

A guide to the effects of environmental stresses commonly applied throughout product testing.

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Guide: Environmental Testing Types and Processes -0

Environmental Testing Types and Processes

A guide to the applications and advantages of the two fundamental forms of environmental testing: simulation and stimulation.

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Guide: Stimulation and Simulation Testing Infographic-0

Stimulation and Simulation Testing Infographic

A brief introduction to the basics of simulation and stimulation testing.

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HALT and HASS Chamber

AST for HALT/HASS Brochure

View Thermotron’s AST for HALT and HASS Brochure to help eliminate design problems and screen out early product failures.

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RSL-16 Portable Shaker

RSL-16 Portable Shaker Brochure

Learn about how the RSL-16 Portable Shaker contributes to cost-effective HALT and HASS testing.

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